Fortunate am I on the nights when circumstances intervene before the little voice in my head that asks, what if, can get an answer.

Fuck x 30

Fuck feeling like I need to give myself permission to write. Just fucking write. 1) it’s not hard and 2) who cares how it looks.

Fuck the time suck that is Facebook, with its endless fear of missing out interspersed with people missing the point.

Fuck only getting a clue now that I’m middle aged.

Fuck being this out of shape. 

Fuck my left knee.

Fuck STILL not being able to afford to do the things that are important to me.

Fuck herbal teas that always smell way better than they taste.

Fuck people who never try.

Fuck people who think I’m an inspiration. Aim higher, for fuck’s sake.

Fuck this squishy lap.

Fuck only figuring shit out now.

Fuck the ridiculously high US/CDN exchange rate.

Fuch autocorrect that keeps wanting to change fuck to duck.

Fuck not being able to put tech down for more than an hour.

Fuck poor self control.

Fuck losing my taste for beer (a temporary situation, I hope).

Fuck expensive wine that tastes like cheap wine.

Fuck acid reflux.

Fuck procrastination.

Fuck this city.

Fuck all my friends living so far away.

Fuck time poorly spent (I refuse to say wasted, but it’s close)

Fuck being introverted.

Fuck people who think I’m too stupid to figure things out for myself.

Fuck sometimes not being able to figure things out for myself.

Fuck being behind.

Fuck being left behind.

Fuck being bored.

Fuck trite sayings that happen to be true.

Fuck not taking photos of things that interest me. Why am I so uninspired? Is it time to pull the plug?

Fuch this burn on my thumb.

My 12 Cocktails of Christmas, 7-9

#7 – Sonic Screwdriver

Watched the BBC's Doctor Who Christmas special on Boxing Day, so a Whovian-inspired drink was in order. Mixed a basic screwdriver but added some Midori to make it glow green like the end of the 11th Doctor's sonic screwdriver. And no, that's not a euphemism for anything.

#8 – Crack shots

Joanada & Buddy Dank invited me for dinner while I was in Calgary. Some people have coffee after a meal. Bloggers do things a bit differently.

#9 – Melon & soda

After drinking lots of beer in Calgary, I felt like something a bit lighter.


3 cocktails to go, 5 days of Christmas vacation left. Easy peasy.


Today’s internal soundtrack *

It's been a day of music in my head. Yippee skippee. I spent most of my day trying to get the mother of all earworms out of my head.

Gangnam Style. I had to go look and see what the fuss was all about, didn't I? Sigh. And then clicking the link to the Stratford Festival's brilliant lip sync video ( complete with Peter Mansvbridge, I might add!) just clinched it. I asked everyone for help to get it out.

Yellow Submarine. I was told it was THE SONG to use to get rid of an ear worm. Yeah…no.

Ghostbusters theme. This worked…for a while. Then I heard the class in the gym working out to Gangnam, and it was back. Crap!

Star Wars theme. It was a good effort, but the grade 10’s suggestion didn't cut it.

I'm Sexy and I Know It. To the grade 11 student that suggested this – LMFAO does not have that kind of staying power in my world.

These Are The Daves I Know. Julius Goat is both evil and smart. He knows Kids in The Hall are my kryptonite.

Circus Afro looks to be the winner. Now I just have to figure out a way to dislodge this one from between my ears.


*I take no responsibility if any of these get stuck in your head. And you're welcome.