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Summer Manifesto 2012


It started with this article from Lifehacker: Build Your Summer Manifesto. Cool, I thought, and left it at that.

For the last three weeks, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do this summer. There’s no big trip planned, and while I am ok with that, I also don’t want the summer to just slip away. It happens slowly, one day slips into the next and before you know it, blammo! school starts and I’m looking back thinking but, but, I didn’t DO anything! Waaah!

So I have come up with some cool things I want to do over the next 6 weeks. And have forgotten, remembered, forgotten most of them. Sigh. Middle age memory is like a leaky boat…good for a short distance, but it’s gonna sink under the waves forever if there’s no long term intervention.

I’m not fond of the word manifesto; it sounds very large, very ponderous, very political, doesn’t it? Too heavy for something like a summer list. I think I’m going to change it to…

A List of Shit I Want To Do This Summer So I Don’t Forget. Again.

Make Shit

  • finish the Vitamin D sweater. And while knitting it, I will meditate on the advisability of combining a somewhat short attention span with a pattern that involves knitting a mile of sock yarn in stockinette stitch. And in case you think I’m exaggerating, it really is a mile. Just a bit more than a mile actually. 4 skeins of Stroll Tonal x 462 yards each = 1.05 mile.
  • knit some socks. Ankle socks for some instant gratification and knee socks because after summer comes fall. After fall, comes winter. And winter means cold feet and legs.
  • get out my sewing machine and make some more of the suit bags. Or whatever strikes my fancy.

Learn Shit

  • Spend some time with my WFTDA Officiating Manual, 131 pages of rules, referee signals, standard practices, etc.
  • Learn more about Lilypad Arduino which are sewable/wearable electronics, so I can make one of these or something from here.

Read Shit

  • Read more books for fun this summer. thanks to this list, there isn’t going to be a shortage of reading material for a while.
  • Read outside. In the park. On a dock at a northern lake. In a hammock. On a blanket in the park.

Do Shit

  • Be more active. Walk, swim or hit the gym around four times a week.
  • Go on a picnic!
  • Go skating! Practice stopping and turning. And not falling.
  • Write. Write new things. Edit some older things.
  • Cook hot dogs over a campfire.
  • Experiment with taking photographs, but don’t get caught up in it. Live the moment first, document it if there’s time.
  • Eat more fresh and local. Go to farmer’s markets and roadside fruit stands.
  • Go swimming more. I love swimming more than I care about what people think about my bathing suit, my jiggly pear-shaped body or how I’ve missed the same spot on the back of my right thigh the last three times I shaved my legs.

Go Places

  • Take my beloved to a drive-in. The one near where I grew up is still open.
  • Go to Manitoulin Island, Tyson Lake, Port Dover. Watch the sunlight sparkle on the water and ignore everything else.
  • Visit Karen, aka the Martini Goddess
  • Sit with Maudie, Gary, Carrie and the gang in Oklahoma, and let the southern accents wash over me. Eat chicken fried steak and hush puppies and pickled okra.
  • Go on directionless road trips with Keith whenever possible.

Chill the Fuck Out and/or  Do Sweet Fuck All

  • Go offline for a week minimum.
  • Drink a cold libation on a patio and people watch.
  • Blow some soap bubbles.
  • Turn off everything and watch a thunderstorm should the opportunity arise.
  • Watch a sunset with Keith.


May 29 – 30

Day 29: a number


Well, I lost 7 kilos before I got lazy last month. I need to get back to it if I want to shed the next 7 kilos.

Day 30: your personality


I’m friendlier than I look.

Day 31: something beautiful


This was a hard one; beauty is all around me every day.

May 2

Day 2: skyline.


Too foggy and dreary to take an outdoor photo, especially since I have this one, taken at Toronto Island last November when Garth & Gretchen were in town. This is my favorite view of the city, and I love the ferry ride to get there; like a mini vacation.

Things I would have twittered or facebooked but didn’t because I’m off social media for 3 weeks:

The grade 10’s don’t know who Sid Vicious is. Or the Sex Pistols. They do however know the most bizarre personal details about the members of something called One Direction. #whatisthisworldcomingto #getoffmylawn


Huh. Got the vacation credit card bill, and still have a very nice chunk left after paying my half. Methinks the tattoo might become more intricate than originally planned.


Finished a sock, a story and an online class. Started a shawl, a new chapter and learning how to program Arduino Lilypad soft electronics.


For ever new idea, there’s five more waiting in the wings. I either need more hours in the day or more days off in the week so I can get to them.


Have ridden the motorcycle twice. There is nothing that brings me that particular feeling of joy and grace. Planning for Manitoulin camping trip begins. (Hey Moose, you in?)


I <3 my roller skates. I do not <3 the blisters though. At all.








I like this, a lot. I used to hate it when someone would take all that I was feeling and say it better & funnier than I could, but now I just say YES! really loudly (partially due to the relief of no longer needing to try & corral my scattered feelings and rope them into meaning) then watch/read it over & over & over until it gets my ass in gear to do something.

A transcript is here by knitmeapony. There’s not one thing in that doesn’t resonate with my yeah-I’m-fifty-so-now-what-do-I-do inner dialogue.

Off to feed my FILDI oranges, go roller skating and then maybe write some shit down. To sideline the time-suck of repetitively hitting refresh in a particularly unattractive OCD fashion, I’m pulling the plug on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for a bit, including all notifications.

Are blogs social media?

Don’t care, not giving them up.

You know where to find me if anything cool happens.


What’s in my bag (idea ganked from my friend Stephanie’s blog)

The bag:

I’ve been using this brown leather Roots backpack lately. Not the most waterproof of things, but it’s well made and was free.

Inside the bag:


  • Asus netbook & case – mostly for school, but for writing too
  • Sony eReader – love this device! Just finishing 1Q84 by Murakami. Next up is Cloud Atlas.
  • cheap black leather wallet – parts of the interior are patched with black electrical tape. Perhaps it’s time to think of getting a new one.
  • knitting bag – always have a small and easy project with me. Currently working on a pair of silk/angora hand warmers that I plan to add some Arduino Lilypad electronics to. Perfect project for waiting rooms and meetings.
  • Moleskine – some writing needs to be done by hand. It comes from a different place when it’s handwritten as opposed to typed and word processed.
  • Extra glasses. Yes, I carry two pairs of glasses with me always, progressives for walking around and mid-range for working on the computer.
  • Red embroidered bag – gift from a coworker who brought it from Iran. It’s the perfect size for my iPod shuffle & ear buds
  • POW! Change purse – acquired in our travels. I think I picked it up in a coffee shop in Ouray, Colorado.
  • Lip Medex.
  • Sleeping cat pillbox, filled with Aleve, Advil, Tylenol, Gravol and Midol. I learned to carry it with me always after the knee injury.
  • iPhone. The faux cassette case amuses me greatly.
  • Sharpie pen. Best journaling/writing pen ever, IMHO.
  • Credit card USB and Starbucks gift card. Found them rattling around the bottom of the pack; no idea what’s on them.
  • House keys
  • Work keys with leopard spot lanyard and backup USB

unChristmas is over for another year

We did another unChristmas this year, since last year’s was such a success, i.e. I didn’t cry during the holidays at all. I kept trying to hold onto the past. I don’t have children, all my family are gone or far away, Keith truly doesn’t care one way or the other, and Christmas just doesn’t work the way I want it to with me trying to keep the family traditions alive. So we left the boxes with the decorations in the storage locker, stayed out of malls and made only one foray to the grocery store.

There were nods to former holidays. I made a batch of my Mum’s nuts & bolts. I started unChristmas Day with a healthy shot of Drambuie in my coffee the way my Dad always did. I watched Charlie Brown’s Christmas and How The Grinch Stole Christmas remembering all the times I watched them with my brother, curled up on the couch in the rec room downstairs. And I watched Nightmare Before Christmas for no other reason that because I like it.

We visited family, and I reconnected with an uncle & aunt I’d lost touch with a year ago. We traveled up North to spend a few days with my brother & sister-in-law and hung out with my nephew, his wife and their two kids. Being around kids at Christmas is hilarious, and these two are funny, smart and lively. It was a great time truly, but we were both happy to hit the highway and head for home quiet home.

What a great day it was yesterday for a drive, cold and sunny. I sat watching the aspects of the Canadian Shield slip past my window (rocks, lakes, trees, repeat) taking pictures with my phone. It made me curse for the millionth time that moment of inattention back in April that caused me to miss getting up there even for day trips.  Even in the cold of winter, these empty spaces fill me with something I can’t describe, but definitely need.



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