I think I need to clarify something about this picture, since I’ve received several comments and questions:

Everything you see is mine.

Those are my legs, that I’ve had for 49 years, 11 months. Not bad, eh?

Those are my tights. I’ve had those for about 20 years. They were in the lingerie memory drawer. I’m not sure why I’ve kept them, especially in view of the burn hole that was a gift on the night of my 30th birthday from the drunk bitch who was dancing with a lit cigarette, back when drunk bitches could still smoke in bars. I’m glad I held on to them though – I love the fact that they *almost* fit me again.

And those are my roller skates that I bought last Wednesday. Someone who shall remain nameless asked if they were my mid-life crisis; I said no (since I have no intention of living to be 100). I call them my return to badass-ery. I’ve been out on them twice, flailing and sliding around, and discovering that the reality of my balance and grace is somewhat different than the vision I held in my head. Luckily, a 15-year-old student who is in the Junior Toronto Roller Derby has offered to teach me to skate, so the level of balance and grace will change.

One thing that won’t change, is how furiously happy they make me.