Day 8

Delight. I was delighted by so much that we saw today. Small children in a Power Wheels/Barbie Car demolition Derby. Two camels in a pasture. A zebra wedged in between donkeys, all jostling to get closer to the hay mow. The smoothness of a lemon ginger shortbread cookie.

On failure

I think that in the end we all need our Nocturamas. Your Nocturama may, indeed, be the most important thing you ever do. Failure fortifies us. It moves us forward. It strips everything back to its essential nature and leaves us clean and pure, ready to begin again. You don’t create something as problematic as Nocturama without a certain risk and a little courage and the temerity to fail. I love this troubled record for that. It may just be my favourite. ~ Nick Cave, The Red Hand Files Issue #20

In my bag

In my Timbuk2 bag (which I love), I have:

  • about 30 sheets of paper. 20 are response forms for the school's new Acceptable Use Policy, 6 are sketches for a Lilypad Arduino project and 4 contain the instructions for a knitted shark I am making my nephew for Christmas, at his request. There is also an envelope from East Toronto Hospital informing me that my mammogram appointment is on October 26th and reminding me not to miss it. I missed it. I keep the envelope to remind me to reschedule. I haven't yet.
  • iPad 2 with Logitech Ultrathin keyboard and Bamboo stylus. I keep all this expensive tech in a neoprene sleeve I got at the dollar store for, well, a dollar.
  • Moleskine unlined journal and 2 Sharpie pens. Not all writing should be digital.
  • school keys on leopard spotted lanyard
  • five, count 'em, five USB keys with a total of 20gb storage. No idea what's on any of 'em. My favourite is the Darth Vader one. Quel surprise.
  • November TTC Metropass. The bike has been put away so yay, I get to take the bus for the next five months.
  • Pendant I made at a 3D printing workshop.
  • Sleeping cat shaped pill box with Aleve & Advil & Tylenol.
  • Burt's Bee's Pomegranate Lip Balm
  • change purse with mostly US change in it, left over from Mastodon Weekend
  • Black leather men's wallet.
  • pouch with the Olio lens in it for the iPhone
  • 68 cents worth of coins and two candy wrappers that were floating around the bottom
  • reading glasses
  • demo cd from former student. No one sings Frank Sinatra like she does.
  • iPhone cover in shape of cassette tape. Usually iPhone is in it, but I was using to take photo. Duh.
  • Skullcandy earbuds. Because I am taking the bus again.


I like this, a lot. I used to hate it when someone would take all that I was feeling and say it better & funnier than I could, but now I just say YES! really loudly (partially due to the relief of no longer needing to try & corral my scattered feelings and rope them into meaning) then watch/read it over & over & over until it gets my ass in gear to do something.

A transcript is here by knitmeapony. There’s not one thing in that doesn’t resonate with my yeah-I’m-fifty-so-now-what-do-I-do inner dialogue.

Off to feed my FILDI oranges, go roller skating and then maybe write some shit down. To sideline the time-suck of repetitively hitting refresh in a particularly unattractive OCD fashion, I’m pulling the plug on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for a bit, including all notifications.

Are blogs social media?

Don’t care, not giving them up.

You know where to find me if anything cool happens.