what the what?

What job can you hold where it possible to lie, get caught in the lie, make a new lie, get caught in that, (lather rinse repeat), utter sexist, racist and homophobic remarks, drive while reading, hang out with drug dealers, do drugs, show up hammered for work (when you show up at all), and not get charged with anything, not have to quit or resign or get fired (or at least not fired yet)?

Apparently Rob Ford’s job.

Words fail to express my contempt for that man and his brother.

I watched his afternoon press conference, and what RoFo said was so absurd in places that it made even the jaded media laugh. Which is appropriate, as he has made this city a laughingstock.


Monday in Toronto


We woke up to a city that had won something. It felt good.



In other good news, Toronto's buffoon of a mayor has been relieved of his duties after a conflict of interest case. Apparently he didn't think that as mayor, he really needed to know the rules of the job. He has flaunted his position, used it to get away with crap like reading while driving, commandeering public transit busses to ferry his football team while paying transit customers had to wait, and skipping council meetings to go do his volunteer coaching gig at a high school because he “made a commitment”.

Yep. A commitment to a high school football team is greater than the commitment to governing the 5th largest city in North America.

*head desk

His list of missteps is long in the short two years he's been in office. He vows to appeal, and if that fails, then to run for re-election. I will do anything possible to see that re-election does not happen; he has not proven himself to be good for my city.

Never thought I'd say this, but he makes the furniture salesman we had a while back look good by comparison.


Personal PSA:

These two things should not be done on the same day:

  • vowing to exceed 10k steps on the FitBit
  • breaking in new Doc Martens.

Send Bandaids please.

under the sexy leopard spots are blisters. Many blisters.



gobsmacked  (ˈɡɒbˌsmækt)  
— adj
slang  ( Brit astounded; astonished

Gobsmacked. Some of the reactions to yesterday’s election among my neighbours to the south has left me gobsmacked. Like the folks decrying Obama as a F****** N*****. On an open Twitter feed. Using their real name. Yeah, like that’s not going to come back to haunt you. Idiot.

Or the former SNL member (who I will not link to as the silly cow doesn’t need any more traffic) who was “…crying because America has died”. What a stunningly narrow view she must have a wonderfully diverse country.

And the guy who thought that Red States should separate from Blue States. Really? Wow.

My personal favourites were the staunch Republicans vowing to move to Australia and Canada. Those poorly-informed deluded fools continue to bring a smile to my face. Hey guys, here’s a loonie….go buy a clue. Or better yet, do even a rudimentary Wikipedia search on our countries before you run off at the mouth.

Good grief.

And to the bozo who told me what happens in America is really none of my business – have you heard of NAFTA? Do you know who Canada’s biggest trading partner is? Do you know how much of your media we are inundated with up here, how much of what my students talk about originates in your country? It is my business, you insular ignoramus.


To those celebrating Obama’s win, congratulations. A President who supports the rights of his countrymen regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, is a good thing IMHO.

I can’t believe the punk is saying this, but here’s to peace, love and understanding.