Category: awesome

3 good things about Friday, June 21

  1. Out kayaking with a Tania on a sunny (but windy) day.
  2. Beer in Tania’s garden.
  3. Ice cream with Keith

3 good things about Wednesday, June 19

  1. Feeling better than I expected after a night of dancing.
  2. Seeing Max well and back to his playful self again.
  3. Icicle lights in the green room.

3 good things about Tuesday, June 18

  1. Being able to make it for a lightning visit to Alex.
  2. Dinner with Katherine and Michael at Pantheon.
  3. The Specials!!
  4. Seeing Andrew and feeling nothing but relief at feeling nothing.

3 good things about Monday, June 17

  1. A spectacular sunrise that lasted the entire drive into work
  2. Seeing a used litter box when I got home; Max is feeling better.
  3. Laying in bed and listening to the cows lowing from two fields over.

3 good things about Sunday, June 16

  1. Breakfast with Keith
  2. Weeding our garden, and the fact that we have a garden
  3. Sitting in the sunshine on out front stoop

3 good things about Saturday, June 15

  1. My beloved’s pancakes
  2. Finishing the fire pit
  3. Talking with Mark and Karen.

3 Good Things About Thursday, June 13

  1. Max is sick, but not really expensive or life-threateningly sick.
  1. Country vets who can see you 20 minutes after you call.
  2. Getting everything done at work by 6.

3 good things about Tuesday, June 11

  1. Went and drank cider outside on a sunny afternoon with my favourite person (me).
  2. Spent an hour in the hammock, reading a book given to me by a friend while not being bitten by bugs.
  3. Triple cream Brie with a local curry apple chutney