What’s in my bag (idea ganked from my friend Stephanie’s blog)

The bag:

I’ve been using this brown leather Roots backpack lately. Not the most waterproof of things, but it’s well made and was free.

Inside the bag:


  • Asus netbook & case – mostly for school, but for writing too
  • Sony eReader – love this device! Just finishing 1Q84 by Murakami. Next up is Cloud Atlas.
  • cheap black leather wallet – parts of the interior are patched with black electrical tape. Perhaps it’s time to think of getting a new one.
  • knitting bag – always have a small and easy project with me. Currently working on a pair of silk/angora hand warmers that I plan to add some Arduino Lilypad electronics to. Perfect project for waiting rooms and meetings.
  • Moleskine – some writing needs to be done by hand. It comes from a different place when it’s handwritten as opposed to typed and word processed.
  • Extra glasses. Yes, I carry two pairs of glasses with me always, progressives for walking around and mid-range for working on the computer.
  • Red embroidered bag – gift from a coworker who brought it from Iran. It’s the perfect size for my iPod shuffle & ear buds
  • POW! Change purse – acquired in our travels. I think I picked it up in a coffee shop in Ouray, Colorado.
  • Lip Medex.
  • Sleeping cat pillbox, filled with Aleve, Advil, Tylenol, Gravol and Midol. I learned to carry it with me always after the knee injury.
  • iPhone. The faux cassette case amuses me greatly.
  • Sharpie pen. Best journaling/writing pen ever, IMHO.
  • Credit card USB and Starbucks gift card. Found them rattling around the bottom of the pack; no idea what’s on them.
  • House keys
  • Work keys with┬áleopard┬áspot lanyard and backup USB

3 Replies to “39/366”

  1. Dear god, I’d be terrified to tip out and analyse the contents of my handbag. I think there might be small rodents at the bottom.

    1. Actually, was kinda glad of the reason to clean it out; found enough change at the bottom for a decent lunch today and finally located that receipt I’d been looking for!

  2. I love your i phone case! I looked at the picture and thought, “that weirdo carrying around a blank cassette tape.” Didn’t even click that it was your phone! What a dolt I am! You are awesomely prepared for almost anything!

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