The lesson plans are finished.

The packing is done. It includes two pair of jeans that I’d hidden in the back of the closet hoping that some day they’d fit again as they magically make my legs look long and my ass look great. Yesterday was that day. And they still have some magic powers.

The tattoo design has been finalized and emailed to the tattoo parlour in Melbourne, a gift to myself, a present for not doing anything fatally stupid over the last 50 years.

The open alcohol has been cleared out of the fridge in the best manner possible. This led to some friends being called or texted, however not as many as I would have liked as I am mindful that it is a work night after all.

iTunes has been wrestled with, and after much swearing and gnashing of teeth the iPhone now contains 2300 songs and 8 audiobooks.

The ereader is charged and loaded with books-I-want-to-read and books-I-want-to-read-again. I realize just now that with only one exception, they are all science fiction. Herbert, Gibson, Stephenson and Banks await my leisure.

Glasses, check. Australian cash, check. Passport, check. Notebook & pens, check. Knitting project, check. Drugs, check; based on the dual Early Warning Signs of sporadic crankiness and a pimple on my chin, I should be cramping somewhere over the Pacific. Yippee skippee.

Everything is ready. I’m ready to go to Australia tomorrow.

Am I excited? Yes.  Oh, hell yes. If it wasn’t for the alcohol in my system right now, I’d be a spinny as any five-year-old on Christmas Eve. This is the first time I’ve traveled outside of North America and this trip is the culmination of over a year of planning and saving. I can’t wait for the mind shift that occurs during an adventure like this.

There’s a travel blog set up at Not sure how often we’ll be posting, as I’ve been told that wireless might not be as prevalent as we would hope. I’m taking a break from Facebook and Twitter, not because of the connectivity issue but because it just seems fitting to unplug for an adventure. I’ve little doubt that it will all be there when we get back.

See you later.

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