Woke up feeling as bitter as my morning coffee tastes today. A couple of things happened to happen last night that have made me … displeased. Perplexed. Generally off.

Great way to start a busy weekend.


It’s a derby-flavoured weekend. There’s a game tonight, and I start my NSO (non-skating official) training by jumping in with both feet. I’m nervous and excited and feeling like I have should read the rule book waaaay more than I did.

Tomorrow is Fresh Meat practice. I missed the first one while I was in Australia, and am feeling a bit like I’m coming from behind. But I can’t wait to get the skates on and refresh my blisters.


I was thinking about the bloggers, and about how so many have taken up running. I found myself thinking what it would have been like, if I could have run, to have the kind of support I’m seeing in the former poker blogosphere. I’ll admit to being a bit envious of the new community; I doubt that anyone is going to travel to watch me skate or know/care what I’m having to do to get ready for this at my age. And then the more reasonable/less emotional part of my brain reminded me that it’s just the way it is. Even if I could run, would I? I am drawn to different things than most, things on the fringe, like punk rock and geeky electronics and motorcycling and roller-derby. And when you like things on the fringe, you really can’t complain about how it feels a bit lonely at times, to be on the periphery.


And on that rather self-pitying note, I’m off to a hair appointment to get the gray roots looked after and then go for a brief motorcycle ride before heading to the Bunker.

I expect to feel more myself later.

Speaking of runners, clunes calcitrantes to the G-Vegas crew today. I hope it’s a blast!

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  1. It’s partly my fault for you not feeling the support becuase I’ve been reading about it and cheering you on from here, but not telling you. What? You can’t hear me cheer? I am. Take your time getting your body ready for the skating and have a blast. I’m out here for you and I’ll make more of an effort to let you know.

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