I like this, a lot. I used to hate it when someone would take all that I was feeling and say it better & funnier than I could, but now I just say YES! really loudly (partially due to the relief of no longer needing to try & corral my scattered feelings and rope them into meaning) then watch/read it over & over & over until it gets my ass in gear to do something.

A transcript is here by knitmeapony. There’s not one thing in that doesn’t resonate with my yeah-I’m-fifty-so-now-what-do-I-do inner dialogue.

Off to feed my FILDI oranges, go roller skating and then maybe write some shit down. To sideline the time-suck of repetitively hitting refresh in a particularly unattractive OCD fashion, I’m pulling the plug on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for a bit, including all notifications.

Are blogs social media?

Don’t care, not giving them up.

You know where to find me if anything cool happens.

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