Things I have not done in a really long time:

Squats while on 8 wheels.
Lunges after squats.
More jogging.
More squats.
And then skate for two and a half hours.

That was Sunday. My body is…umm…unaccustomed to this kind of activity. It’s now Tuesday and even after epsom salt baths and many stretches, my knees and arms still ache like a bugger. I have my first derby-related bruise; a lovely light purple strip across my hips. The funny thing is, I wasn’t skating when I got it. The trainer was counting us off for groups and all she did was point at me and say “2”, and my formerly stable stance became a mess of flailing arms and legs. Down I went. Right on my ass.

That’s when I noticed a few of the other Fresh Meat girls with these decidedly unlovely padded shorts and thought “must have”. They ain’t pretty, but bruises are less so.

Did I have fun? Hell yeah! But as with most things I find fun, there’s a recovery period.


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