April in photos

It was a whim, to do another photo-a-day challenge. I’d seen bloggers Dan and Brad post instagram photos on Twitter and followed the hashtags to FatMumSlim’s blog. I was missing my old year-long challenge but didn’t know if I could stick to a more thematic challenge without getting bored.

Some were very easy (#4) and some were thought-provoking (#24, 30), but some felt a bit lame (#8, 23). While I didn’t get bored, I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to do May’s. I like keeping my eyes open for the defining picture of a day but rarely is that defining picture a vegetable.

The challenges:


My responses:

  1. Bubble mirror
  2. Knee sock
  3. Canada Post mail box
  4. Keith, waiting for the sunrise in Torquay, Australia
  5. Sydney from the air
  6. Miss Vickie’s chips – not the most nutritious lunch ever
  7. Landing in Alice Springs, Australia
  8. Never realized that my wallet is colour blocked
  9. Me at 3
  10. Beer is good
  11. Coffee in bed
  12. Stairs away from the river
  13. My new knitting project box
  14. Felt like a drink
  15. Uluru sunset with Kata Tjuta in the distance
  16. Trying out the new macro lens.
  17. Laundry blows
  18. Love this hair colour
  19. Keith`s 1972 Honda CB750 with original Flake Sunrise Gold paint
  20. My first tattoo, rendered in stained glass
  21. Older Chambord bottle. They’ve now changed the bottle. It no longer looks like the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.
  22. Zebra patterned fishnet stockings
  23. Tomatoes are a healthy snack. Also very boring.
  24. Thankful for an adventurous spirit.
  25. View from my window
  26. Lobby art & wallpaper in the Morgan Boutique Hotel, Sydney
  27. Northern Ontario – Tyson Lake near Killarney to be exact
  28. At a Python workshop
  29. Hot pink roller skate wheels
  30. I wish I was back in Australia.

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