May 4 – 8

Day 4: Fun!


This is big fun, especially after last season of almost no riding. Looking forward to many summer afternoons of exploring back roads.

Day 5: Bird


We were walking through the Kings Cross area of Sydney on the way back to our hotel when we came across the sight of a dozen or so wild cockatoos flocking around an apartment building. When we got closer we could see a man feeding them from his third floor window. Just one of the many things that delighted me about Australia.

Day 6: You


    Where I ended up after the weekend-long referee training clinic.

    Day 7: Someone who inspires you.


    My Grandma Rose was dealt a crappy hand in a time and place when women had little or no power. She stood it only so long and then went about making life better for her and her kids with a strength and grace that I can only hope to emulate.

    Day 8: A smell you adore.


    We had a lilac bush that grew in front of the house I grew up in. It bloomed about the time that the days were mild enough to throw open the windows and the cross breeze carried the smell of lilacs throughout the house. Every spring, I find myself going out of my way to walk past the lilac bushes around the neighbourhood just so I can inhale the scent. It’s delicate and short-lived, and reminds me of home.

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