June 16 – 19

Day 16: out and about

Road trips are awesome; you never know where you’re going to end up. Like on this Saturday, we rode up through the Kawarthas in search of curvey roads we haven’t been on yet and stopped in a little town called Coboconk. They were having their Freshwater Festival, so we watched trick waterskiiers and bought burgers from the the ladies at the Kinsmen trailer. We walked around an exhibit by a company called Zoo To You where I gravitated toward a woman with a huge yellow snake around her neck.

You cannot imagine the grin on my face when she asked if I wanted to hold it. I quite like snakes; I like how they move, curving and coiling around objects in sinuous ways that humans can’t.

Day 17: in your bag

iPad. iPhone. Wallet. Cat-shaped pillbox. POW changepurse. Kangaroo case with iphone camera lenses. Shure case with earbuds. Gum. Anti-inflammatory pills for elbow. Minted rose lip balm. L’Occitane cocoa flower hand cream. Extra glasses. Sunglass clip-ons. And everything somehow manages to fit in my Roots flat pack bag.


Day 18: Something you don’t know about me

It was 1975. I was 13. What can I say. And yes, I still have this on vinyl. And yes, I still know the words. And no, I don’t listen to them anymore except by accident.

Day 19: Imperfect

I found that I’d made a mistake on the back panel of this sweater about 3 rows after I did it, but decided to leave it in rather than go back and fix it for reasons that I fail to express properly.

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