June 24-25

Day 24: on my mind

This was a landmark moment for me…the first time in a while that I was able to finish a 3-hour derby practice without having to sit out the last bit due to an injury.
What had been on my mind, was the niggling suspicion that yes, I was in fact too old for this shit.
It’s possible. Jury is still out.


Day 25: something cute

I don’t really do cute. This is the closest I can get without breaking out in hives.
When I was a kid, I wanted a sock monkey. My Aunt Lillian had made one for my cousin Tracey, and I coveted it with every fibre of my being. Something in my upbringing made it impossible to come right out and ask her to make me one, but I sure hinted like hell. I never got a sock monkey; apparently, I am not that good at hinting.
Fast forward a decade, and I found a pair of red heel socks in my local thrift store, so I made my own.
His name is Rosebutt.



  1. pssssshhhhh…the more your fitness grows, the less likely you are to get injured! Until then, moderation helps. You rock those skates babe

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