June 30

Day 29: Soft and Day 30: Friend


I know it’s cheating to put two days together, but I am getting weary of this challenge and am ready to put it away. I missed the photo-a-day blog, but am finding few of these subject challenges interesting or relevant in the long run.

So here is my last entry in the pre-manufactured photo-a-day challenge. The subject is a cat Beanie Baby named Sheraton that Keith gave to me on my 35th birthday when we had just started dating. She’s become my traveling companion, and has seen most of the countryside from a side strap on my bike which has resulted in getting very faded and losing all of her white whisker yarn.

She’s gone just about everywhere with me, including Quebec (top left), the Grand Canyon (top right with Keith’s companion, the penguin), Newfoundland (bottom left) and Uluru in the middle of Australia (bottom right.

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