Summer Manifesto 2012


It started with this article from Lifehacker: Build Your Summer Manifesto. Cool, I thought, and left it at that.

For the last three weeks, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do this summer. There’s no big trip planned, and while I am ok with that, I also don’t want the summer to just slip away. It happens slowly, one day slips into the next and before you know it, blammo! school starts and I’m looking back thinking but, but, I didn’t DO anything! Waaah!

So I have come up with some cool things I want to do over the next 6 weeks. And have forgotten, remembered, forgotten most of them. Sigh. Middle age memory is like a leaky boat…good for a short distance, but it’s gonna sink under the waves forever if there’s no long term intervention.

I’m not fond of the word manifesto; it sounds very large, very ponderous, very political, doesn’t it? Too heavy for something like a summer list. I think I’m going to change it to…

A List of Shit I Want To Do This Summer So I Don’t Forget. Again.

Make Shit

  • finish the Vitamin D sweater. And while knitting it, I will meditate on the advisability of combining a somewhat short attention span with a pattern that involves knitting a mile of sock yarn in stockinette stitch. And in case you think I’m exaggerating, it really is a mile. Just a bit more than a mile actually. 4 skeins of Stroll Tonal x 462 yards each = 1.05 mile.
  • knit some socks. Ankle socks for some instant gratification and knee socks because after summer comes fall. After fall, comes winter. And winter means cold feet and legs.
  • get out my sewing machine and make some more of the suit bags. Or whatever strikes my fancy.

Learn Shit

  • Spend some time with my WFTDA Officiating Manual, 131 pages of rules, referee signals, standard practices, etc.
  • Learn more about Lilypad Arduino which are sewable/wearable electronics, so I can make one of these or something from here.

Read Shit

  • Read more books for fun this summer. thanks to this list, there isn’t going to be a shortage of reading material for a while.
  • Read outside. In the park. On a dock at a northern lake. In a hammock. On a blanket in the park.

Do Shit

  • Be more active. Walk, swim or hit the gym around four times a week.
  • Go on a picnic!
  • Go skating! Practice stopping and turning. And not falling.
  • Write. Write new things. Edit some older things.
  • Cook hot dogs over a campfire.
  • Experiment with taking photographs, but don’t get caught up in it. Live the moment first, document it if there’s time.
  • Eat more fresh and local. Go to farmer’s markets and roadside fruit stands.
  • Go swimming more. I love swimming more than I care about what people think about my bathing suit, my jiggly pear-shaped body or how I’ve missed the same spot on the back of my right thigh the last three times I shaved my legs.

Go Places

  • Take my beloved to a drive-in. The one near where I grew up is still open.
  • Go to Manitoulin Island, Tyson Lake, Port Dover. Watch the sunlight sparkle on the water and ignore everything else.
  • Visit Karen, aka the Martini Goddess
  • Sit with Maudie, Gary, Carrie and the gang in Oklahoma, and let the southern accents wash over me. Eat chicken fried steak and hush puppies and pickled okra.
  • Go on directionless road trips with Keith whenever possible.

Chill the Fuck Out and/or  Do Sweet Fuck All

  • Go offline for a week minimum.
  • Drink a cold libation on a patio and people watch.
  • Blow some soap bubbles.
  • Turn off everything and watch a thunderstorm should the opportunity arise.
  • Watch a sunset with Keith.


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