Yes, it’s Thanksgiving up here in the Great White North. But don’t worry, this is not one of those posts filled with thankfulness and gratitude.

Don’t get me wrong; I am aware of the gifts that I have been given. Loving family, worthwhile job, partner who understands me and still loves me, a decent level of intelligence and creativity. I am grateful for each and every one.

But today I am in the kind of funk that only comes from being ill (caught the flu, yay for the school-sized petrie dish), cramping (I hate my uterus today, and my hormones can go straight to hell), and alone (Keith is off on a solo ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway). Honestly, I’m just wondering if I shouldn’t just put on some Leonard Cohen & look through old pictures so I can have a good cry and get it out of my system.

And yay, I’m sharing this mood with you, my one, maybe two followers who continue to click on the URL in the hope that maybe today I’ll spew something.

Ain’t it just your lucky day?

Truthfully, I’ve been meaning to write something for the last three or four weeks, but writing about how great my summer was would be admitting that it was over and I was just not really facing up to the fact that yes, it is done. (Like 4 weeks of school, fall colours, Thanksgiving and getting out the winter duvet for the now-chilly nights weren’t enough wake-up calls.)

I’m glad I wrote my previous post, my summer manifesto. It gives me something to go back to and think, did that, did that, definitely did that, oh yeah, that was fun, etc. There were only three things I didn’t do:

  • cook hot dogs over a campfire. A dry summer meant a fire ban through much of Northern Ontario. We went camping and brought hot dogs but had to eat them in a frying pan on the cookstove. Not quite the taste or experience I was hoping for.
  • go to a drive-in. The timing was just never right. Either Keith was working or what was playing did not appeal. I think they close this weekend, so am going to have to move that to 2013’s list.
  • Go see the Martini Goddess. Not sure what happened there, but the days did seem to slip away. Good thing about this is that it is not fair weather dependent…I just need to pick up the phone and say what are you doing this weekend?

It felt nice coming into the summer with no plans for a big trip. We played it by ear, and the spontaneity of being to just go somewhere when the mood hit reminded me of the long lazy summers when I was a kid. I wrote, I read (a lot, and everywhere), I hung out with Keith as much as I could, walked around, explored and jumped off docks and swam whenever possible.

Just spent a few minutes going through my summer photos. It really was a great summer. And I don’t feel in as much of a funk as I did an hour ago.

(Warning: photo dump)

Sunrise over Spar Lake
Every cottage should have a hammock
Got to play with a 3D printer. Want!
Kayaking on Tyson Lake
Dad's old boat
watched a sunset with my older brother
perfect view after a hard day of SFA
Zebra Huddle
I found an unoccupied beach in a city of 5 million people.
Okie-Vegas & the Crow's Roost Bar: hotter'n hell, but worth it!
Lived near Niagara my entire life, but was never a tourist there until now.
Could have stood there all day...
Challenging the fear of heights. CBT is working!
Coffee Stop along Lake Erie

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