I sold my laptop last month. I realized that I've used it exactly 4 times since getting my tablet in March. I'm using the tablet device for everything, from watching Netflix when Keith is in documentary mode to creating assignments on Google Docs.

And now, blogging. I downloaded a few highly rated apps, and decided I like Blogsy the best. It worked fine on the photo blog, but was a bit hinkey when uploading photos to this one. Hinkey doesn't quite cut it…I just want shit to work, preferably without a crap tonne of workarounds.

I downloaded another one, Posts, and same thing. Worked on the photo blog but not this one…what the hell. So obviously the issue is somewhere in the blog and not in the apps. I put on my troubleshooting cap and proceeded to fall down the rabbit hole.

I emailed Blogsy & set them up as admin on my blog. I read endless WordPress forums and blogs. I changed settings. I deactivated plugins. I updated my theme. I changed core code of WordPress that you're not even supposed to touch. I upgraded. I deleted everything off the server, and re-installed. I emailed Scott, my domain hosting guy. Still hinkey.

The day after I emailed Scott, I woke up with one of those bolts of lightning. Something I'd written in the email triggered a new branch on my mental troubleshooting chart…I had some issues with the theme a while ago…

Yes, I missed one important step. At no point did I deactivate the theme and check that out. Sigh.

So, 5 minutes later I'd deleted the Suffusion theme, put in an another and viola. Shit works. And I have added benefit of knowing I haven't lost my knack of over complicating things.

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