Where I spent most of my misspent youth

Larry's Hideaway is now a park.

Nuts and Bolts is a copy shop.

Club Domino is now a Hard Rock Cafe.

Zoo Bar is a Shoppers Drug Mart. You can now buy diapers on the spot where you used to be able to get tattoos.

Office towers now stand in the former footprints of the Silver Crown and Catch-22.

Sanctuary is a Starbucks. Sometimes I think I see a sort-of-familiar face in there. Even old Goths need coffee.

The Silver Dollar appears to be back to it's blues/jazz roots.

The Velvet Underground is….well christ only knows what the Velvet Underground is anymore.

The Drake and the Gladstone cleaned up real nice, and are now hipster hangouts.

I feel a small pang of sorrow whenever I pass these places. Memories bubble to the surface; this is where I danced to that song I liked, there is where I kissed that boy, here is where I saw that band. The landscape has moved on, and reminds me that except for that small secret place in the back of my mind where I will always be 25, hot, and audacious, I've moved along with it. However, it pleases me no end to see that Lee's Palace, the Horseshoe and the El Mocambo are still around.

Because not everything has to move on.


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  1. I hear you. Every time I wake up at The Girl’s condo in Liberty Village I see one of the warehouses I used to party in. Despite being turned into a sales centre and being lit up with coloured lights at night, I can’t help but think of the long nights I spent there every time I look at it.

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