Today was one of those days that kind of flowed along. It didn't seem like I got much accomplished, but looking at my to-do list, I see that I have checked off about 6 things. Doesn't seem like much, but it's more than I've checked off in the previous 5 days combined.

Laundry was done. It was absolutely necessary as I found myself down to one pair of comfy pants that really should not be seen outside of the apartment – they're a size too big now (yay) and the elastic is shot so I have to decide between hitching them up every two steps or just giving up and low ride. One is annoying, the other is not attractive or comfortable at all. I was also down to the early-warning underwear (EWU). Every woman has a pair. Mine used to be a pair of cotton granny panties, but somehow over the last while it's changed to the purple lace tap shorts that look great on, but are not as comfortable under clothing as I would like. Interesting how it's swung from one extreme to the other. I blame my change of life.

I also cooked today. Keith cleaned the freezer, and the turkey from Thanksgiving ended up in the fridge, so soup had to be made. Thank FSM for my slow cooker. I also made a roast beef dinner. It's been so long since I made one, I placed an emergency text to Juliette, my foodie friend. Two seconds after hitting Send, I remembered the Melbourne/Toronto time difference and looked up temperatures and cooking times on teh Interwebs. The beef was good. The roasted vegetables, well, not so much. As Keith remarked, it just meant we had more room for pie. I did not make the pie.

I cleaned my desk. There are a couple of black holes on it, places where odd bits that don't have any real home tend to congregate. The once the odd bits reach a critical state they start to generate a field that attracts other items, things that have homes but somehow appear either by the printer or to the left of the monitor. Hair elastics (which puzzles me as my hair is so short I don't even use them any more), hand cream, tweezers, mittens (yes, it's getting that cold), one double pointed knitting needle, my WFTDA officiating manual, a shawl pin, an apple, a handful of mixed US & Canadian change, a half ball of yarn, a toy robot and a pair of binoculars are now back in their rightful places.

I finished marking the grade 9 tests, the grade 10 photography challenge and created a quiz for the grade 12 computer science class and an assignment for the grade 7 programming unit.

I did a final polish on the copper cup as Keith had offered to put spray a protective coating on the outside. Apparently it wasn't *quite* shiny enough. Keith went to give it a better polish and dropped it, giving it a nice crumpled ding at it's base. Irksome, yes, but it's not like it was perfect to begin with.

I also organized one of my stash drawers. I successfully located the 4 balls of yarn that I put aside last month thinking to exchange them for a different colour but thought I'd lost the receipts but then found them when I cleaned my desk.

I practiced guitar for a bit. The grade 7's are kicking my ass, and I need to catch up. I am not enjoying chord changes.

I knitted some. I started on a scarf for a friend but didn't like the yarn. Frog. Found a better one in my stash, but the needles I used were too big. Frog. Got the right needle size, but realized after knitting about 5″ that angora is not a great yarn for a lace project. Frog. Put it all away to think about it a bit more.

We watched a couple of movies; Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter which was could have been fun but wasn't, and Cockneys vs. Zombies which could have been dreadful but wasn't.

So that's been my day. Yawn. Aren't you glad I blogged this?


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  1. Hmm…roasted veggies are tough at the best of times with beef roast for only two (a bigger joint allows them the time to get all caramelized and yummy). Let me know when you’re going to do it again and I’ll give you my stellar beef and veggies recipe. As for the time, You actually would have been fine on most days, but I’ve actually slept in until 7 a.m. for the past couple of mornings!

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