gobsmacked  (ˈɡɒbˌsmækt)  
— adj
slang  ( Brit astounded; astonished

Gobsmacked. Some of the reactions to yesterday’s election among my neighbours to the south has left me gobsmacked. Like the folks decrying Obama as a F****** N*****. On an open Twitter feed. Using their real name. Yeah, like that’s not going to come back to haunt you. Idiot.

Or the former SNL member (who I will not link to as the silly cow doesn’t need any more traffic) who was “…crying because America has died”. What a stunningly narrow view she must have a wonderfully diverse country.

And the guy who thought that Red States should separate from Blue States. Really? Wow.

My personal favourites were the staunch Republicans vowing to move to Australia and Canada. Those poorly-informed deluded fools continue to bring a smile to my face. Hey guys, here’s a loonie….go buy a clue. Or better yet, do even a rudimentary Wikipedia search on our countries before you run off at the mouth.

Good grief.

And to the bozo who told me what happens in America is really none of my business – have you heard of NAFTA? Do you know who Canada’s biggest trading partner is? Do you know how much of your media we are inundated with up here, how much of what my students talk about originates in your country? It is my business, you insular ignoramus.


To those celebrating Obama’s win, congratulations. A President who supports the rights of his countrymen regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, is a good thing IMHO.

I can’t believe the punk is saying this, but here’s to peace, love and understanding.


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  1. Personally, I want those morons to try and come here. And discover we have: socialised medicine; gun control, pro choice on both abortion and birth control; evolution taught in all schools. And last but far from least – an atheist, unmarried, female Prime Minister who’s shacked up in our version of the White House with her male hairdresser partner of 10 years.

      1. babe, I KNOW that they’d land and instantly start crowing about their “rights” when Quarantine what to take their Doritos away from them. When the boys refuse, they’ll head right back to America (or Calgary) again.

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