Why I love where I work

Today was our Social Justice Data Fair. The math teachers have been organizing this for the last five or six years. They encourage the students to form a hypothesis based on a social issue and use readily available data to prove or disprove it. The girls have been working like mad the last few weeks doing web research, analyzing the data and creating charts and presentations.

I was only able to see a few of the presentations, one by two grade 8 students who wanted to see if there was a correlation between child mortality and the number of doctors per thousand citizens as compared across countries in the first and third worlds. The grade 6 students did a group submission on a comparison of gender portrayal in six local/national newspapers. They looked at quantity and quality; their infographics took up the back part of the gym.

I think this was my favourite though, done by some grade 8's. And yes, they did find a connection. Along with their data was this great photos for comparison; one group looks healthy and happy. The other looks like hungry, cranky supermodels.

And it's lessons like this that are chief among the reasons why I work where do, and why I've stayed for 13 years.

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