The number begins with a 2

This is from Monday, November 19th as part of NaBloPoMo. Yes, I'm still catching up.


I've been slacking for a while now. For a long while. I was going great with the weight loss/fitness plan, using my FitBit to track my calories in and out. Then it was summer and what with derby and going motorcycling and walking everywhere and then going for an unplugged vacation, well I just stopped tracking exercise.

And one thing led to another; having that extra yummy coffee with syrup seemed like a good idea, oh, and why not have a bagel or a muffin with that? I am feeling a bit peckish, and yes, it's been a bad day so chocolate is in order, and getting those amazing Portuguese custard tarts is a bit of a road trip, so let's make it worthwhile by getting six instead of two, and a few potato chips can't hurt, and I'm always too busy to go to the gym, and the weather is getting too cold and crappy for much outside stuff. And before I know it, my new jeans are feeling so tight that I have to get my old bigger ones out, my FitBit is dusty and I'm averting my eyes as I walk past the corner the bedroom that has the scales.


This morning, I stopped averting my eye and stepped on the scales. I help my breath as the display swung back and forth before settling on a number. While that three-digit number is not as big as it was in January, it still begins with a two.

Erk. Not happy about that. At. All.

Today, I dusted off the FitBit charged it and clipped it to my bra strap. Back to tracking steps and fitness and food.


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