Monday in Toronto


We woke up to a city that had won something. It felt good.



In other good news, Toronto's buffoon of a mayor has been relieved of his duties after a conflict of interest case. Apparently he didn't think that as mayor, he really needed to know the rules of the job. He has flaunted his position, used it to get away with crap like reading while driving, commandeering public transit busses to ferry his football team while paying transit customers had to wait, and skipping council meetings to go do his volunteer coaching gig at a high school because he “made a commitment”.

Yep. A commitment to a high school football team is greater than the commitment to governing the 5th largest city in North America.

*head desk

His list of missteps is long in the short two years he's been in office. He vows to appeal, and if that fails, then to run for re-election. I will do anything possible to see that re-election does not happen; he has not proven himself to be good for my city.

Never thought I'd say this, but he makes the furniture salesman we had a while back look good by comparison.


Personal PSA:

These two things should not be done on the same day:

  • vowing to exceed 10k steps on the FitBit
  • breaking in new Doc Martens.

Send Bandaids please.

under the sexy leopard spots are blisters. Many blisters.


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  1. My new cherry reds were the 1460 “broken in” model – and, surprise, they still need to be broken in. They may have been beat up by a machine, but they still need to become BFFs with MY feet. Good luck!! Yours look awesome 😀

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