The tribe, December 2011

My first WPBT gathering was in July of 2006. I was not at the first few due to timing and money. But I have been to every one since.

My coworkers call it my pilgrimage. I go to connect with my tribe, play some games, win some money and lose more, stay up too late, drink too much, act like the last 20 years never happened, make some cringe-worthy missteps, drink more, make other missteps that turn out pretty awesome, lather, rinse, repeat.

I am missing out on it this year. I made a grown-up decision to use the money allocated for the WPBT and go to Calgary to see my newly-separated brother for the holidays. The gratitude in his voice and emails tells me I made the right decision. Plus, my buddy Heather is coming to Toronto the week after, so I get some face to face blogger drinking happening this month anyway. So it's (mostly) ok; I have things to look forward to.


We are getting closer to the weekend where my tribe will be coming together without me. Twitter is active with plans for dinner, drinking, hikes, outings. My big plan for this weekend? So unexciting it's not even worth mentioning.

Plus, and this is killing me, Wil Wheaton will be there this year. I am not his number one fan, just a quiet fangirl. He's like my perfect like-from-afar dude; geek and proud, not afraid to battle stupidity and trolls, AND he plays poker. *swoon. I've always loved the times I played his game on PokerStars. Somewhere in my photo archive is a screenshot of the lobby of the Katitude edition of the WWdN game since I had taken him out the week before.

So this is the thing that is kind of tipping me over the edge of being a grown up about my rational decision and edging into the realm of the pouty child, whining in my head, I wanna goooooo, I wanna see Wiiiiiiil. In my head, I magically come into some money so I can go, and play poker with my friends and Wil, and maybe get a playing card signed to Katitude from Wil. (Pssst…if you read this & you're going…hint hint).

Sigh. Maybe next year.

Being a rational grown up really does have its drawbacks.


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