That’s me, the one in the black.

Yes, I know it’s fuzzy; I was running. More specifically, I was trying to get around #4 so I could get the ball. I was unsuccessful.

Today was the annual teacher-student basketball game. I have been at the school for 13 years, and this is the first time I’ve played in it. We (the teachers) lost, 42-16, which was ok because the students were members of the senior team who came this -> <- close to winning the Championship again this year. I can’t speak for the other teachers, but I was kinda expecting to get schooled.

I joked with some of the seniors afterward that the last time I played basketball was when I was in high school, in 1977 (actually, was using that as my excuse for my blatant rule-breaking. Shh…don’t tell them). I had a blast, and rode those exercise endorphins all day. I wore braces on both knees and while they are sore here at the end of the day, it’s just the ache of muscles that had to work more than they are used to.

Honestly, sometimes I think breaking my knee might have been the best thing to happen to me at this stage of my life. It’s forced me to lose weight, to be more active, to take a few risks.


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