it’s not you, so it must be me

It could be the week-long cold, a lack of sleep and/or a stray comment from a friend that keeps rippling through my head, that has put me in this navel-gazing mood.

(this is your cue to, as the Monty Python boys would say, run away.)

The upshot of this introspection of the ill and sleep-deprived has led me to feeling that I am not that nice a person. My list of negatives is a long list; I’m not writing it all down. It’s depressing. I know there are positives, and I’m not writing them down either as tonight it seems like a very short list, which is even more depressing. It’s funny how I can strut around, bleating how I like myself the way I am, I’m happy with who I’ve become, and then hit one of these moments with no warning, like a car careening around a corner expecting open road but running smack dab into an unexpected brick wall.

So messy.

Clean up on aisle four.




  1. If I didn’t think you were such a great person, I would not even be considering driving from the ATL to your place. Of course that doesn’t mean I like you any less if I fly to Buffalo instead but at least know the other thought is there.

  2. Well, my take on it is a 100% nice person makes me feel guilty for my lack of perfect niceness. But, I’ll also say – you are a great person, and you are probably 80% nice, which is what counts, right? 🙂

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