Fringe, day 1

It’s Fringe Festival time here in Toronto, and we have gone one step further than last year and bought our tickets in advance. Nine shows in four days. My brain might asplode by Saturday.

1. Morro and Jasp: Go Bake Yourself.

We wanted to see this pair of clowns (literally) last year, but waited too long. By the time we went to one of the later shows, the line up snaked down the sidewalk and we correctly assumed it would be sold out before we even got close. Last night we found out why. The recipe for funny is two clowns in a church basement kitchen making pie and a Super Sexy Seductive Souffle.

2. It’s Always You

A musical where we look at the relationship of a love triangle over infinite realities at 4:03. The actors are experienced, all three have had decent gigs on CBC and in theatre. I suggested it because I’d taught the junior actor who had graduated from my former employer four years ago.

Seriously, she was the best part of it.



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