Fringe, day 2, 3 and 4

Draft clean-up day part 1: I started writing this July 5th.

The rest of the Fringe Festival passed in a bit of a blur. In fact, I can no longer remember what we saw when, so here’s an alphabetical list because I am too lazy to look it up on and too fastidious to go through the garbage for the ticket stubs and program guide.

2 For Tea
Odd. Surreal. Funny. Clever. Equal parts Monty Python’s silly walks, physical comedy, audience participation and tea party.

Battle of the Bastards
We had pre-bought tickets to see this one late one night, but we bailed after a day of walking and 3 other shows. Luckily, we were able to get in to an afternoon show later in the week. One New Zealander performing several parts from Shakespeare’s King Lear – such was his talent that I was only slightly confused once.

Hip! Bang! Improv
There was only the loosest of story lines hanging all of the bits together, but alas, they never really explained why one character was dressed as a Mountie and the other as a polar bear. Lots of very funny lines (“I cheated on my Jewish ethics test”…maybe you had to be there), but some serious technical difficulties in getting a laptop to talk to the projector just made me annoyed by the end.

I Hired a Contract Killer
I think this one had to be one of the smoothest, well-rehearsed show we saw, with one of the biggest casts. Definitely worth the $10 just to see them make a believable oven for a suicide scene.

Jem Rolls Attacks The Silence
Jem is so good at word play and spoken word performance, that we saw him twice. Too many lines, too many laughs. There’s a reason he won one of the Patron’s Picks awards.

Play Actually – a non rom com
Were they still working out the kinks on this show, or was it a well-rehearsed play made to look like they were still working out the kinks? A mostly funny take on love and dating in the modern age. I may never get the image of sex toy fellatio out of my head.

Teaching Hamlet
Very funny two-man show about an idealist hiring an actor. Hijinks ensue.

Twisted Beats and Circus Freaks
There had to be one show that seemed like a mishmash of bizzarro. This was it. A clown who played with thrift store toys while rapping could have been interesting if I could have heard what he was saying/singing – thanks audio guy for making that impossible. The lovely lady on the flying trapeze was, well, lovely. But it didn’t seem to fit together that well. Based on the laughs from the  rest of the audience, especially from the kids, it could be that I’m just too old to grok that one *shrug.

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