Ten things I have done that you (probably) haven’t

I should be doing about 4 other things. Instead, posts by John Scalzi and Brad Willis have me thinking up ten things cool enough to put on this list without borrowing some from my friend Juliette.

This could be tough.

  1. saw a fatal motorcycle when I was young, and took up motorcycling anyway.
  2. motorcycled from Toronto to Alaska and back. 5 weeks, 15,000 kms.
  3. made out with a well-known film star in a stalled elevator.
  4. played with a trio of 6-week-old bengal tigers.
  5. have only broken two bones in my body, both doing mundane every-day tasks (walking down stairs, walking down a hill).
  6. watched someone die.

    Holy FSM, this is harder than I thought. Mostly because I don’t ever talk about a lot of the things that would fall into this list.

  7. done a polar bear plunge in a northern lake in February while listening to wolves howl in the distance.
  8. drank beer with Kris Holden-Reid, my tv crush, who play Dyson on Lost Girl, my guilty tv pleasure. I was nervous about talking to him until I realized he’s never seen me as naked as I’ve seen him.
  9. coasted a car with a seized engine down a major bridge at 3am.
  10. joined roller derby at 50.

One Reply to “Ten things I have done that you (probably) haven’t”

  1. Now I’m curious about what you would have borrowed from me!
    Oh, and I want the details of #3 next time we have a drink together. Oh a dial a shot. Or whenever we next speak.
    Enquiring minds want to know 🙂

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