I am going to attempt to do the following eleven¬†twelve¬†thirteen things tomorrow. I am telling you in the hopes that by telling you, I will be more inclined to do the following eleven twelve¬†thirteen things. The word accountability keeps floating through my head here, but I cannot for the life of me put it in a sentence that makes sense in this context. It’s been a day.

  • put on the Fitbit that has been in the charging station since August.
  • track my food.
  • go for a swim (taking off the Fitbit first).
  • meet Nancy for lunch.
  • write the three blog posts I’ve been meaning to write for weeks.
  • update LinkedIn profile.
  • contact brewers for interviews.
  • finish Molly’s sock monkey hat
  • finish Yukon piece for memoir writing group.
  • take two Pantone project photos
  • have a really good cup of tea while reading a book. Hopefully the book will be really good too.
  • do this week’s online programming course assignment (almost forgot that one).
  • work on nephew’s website (and that one)

I could start some/all of that today, but it’s 5:30 and I have a busy night of knitting and watching Lost Girl planned for after dinner.