10 down, 20 to go

One-third of the way through the month, and one-third of the way through NaBloPoMo. I’m glad of the event to get me back into the practice of regular posts, but I am going to need some decent fodder for writing to prevent this from deteriorating into the lame side of things. Like this.

I have spent most of the day  knitting half a sock and mainlining Battlestar Galactica. The cat was trying to get me to nap by demonstrating how awesome an all-day nap could be, but I resisted the siren call. I was not able to resist it enough to actually get anything accomplished.

I did manage to import a year’s worth of posts from the old photo-a-day blog to the new photo-a-day blog without breaking it, so I am declaring it a win. Only half of the pictures actually imported though; the rest are linked to the old blog. So I guess it’s not an absolute win. It does however give me something (about 180 somethings) to fix the next time I need to procrastinate yet still feel productive.

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