Headed out to the Niagara region today to meet with two men at Niagara College; one is the head professor and the other is the program coordinator. It was a great meeting, and I got enough information about the program to set the hook in my desire to get in. There are only 24 spots and 150+ applicants every year, a statistic that my self-doubt had a field day with. The little voice whispered that I’m going to go through all this work for nothing, I should just accept reality and look for a job that won’t be what I want to do but will pay me for it. Because really, who gets to do the work they want to do in this world?

Dear self-doubt: bite me.


After the meeting, I killed some time by driving along the Niagara River, ending up in Niagara-on-the-Lake. It was a ghost town compared to the summer theatre-town craziness. I think I counted maybe 8 cars and 20 people. But the the coffee place was open and the park at the lake was empty, so I was a happy little introvert.


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