Running out of steam…

Day 14 of NaBloPoMo. I have nothing really to write about today since I did nothing but go grocery shopping and finish my nephew’s website. The most excitement I had all day was when the Macbook had a kernel panic and shut down, taking about an hour and a half’s worth of work with it.

Truly. That was the high point.

Yeah, I’m living the dream here.

So I’m throwing out there for my 3 remaining readers: give me a prompt. Could be anything. Is there a picture from you want the back story on? A story from my past, a first-time-I-did-insert-thing-here? Give me three unrelated objects and I’ll write a story about them.

As long as none of the prompts have anything to do with Rob Ford. I will seriously lose my shit if that’s the case. The antics of Mayor “Laughable Bumblefuck” (so dubbed by Cory Doctorow of this time last year and it’s stuck) fill me with such disgust and rage that I find it difficult to be coherent. I can’t even.


In other, much more cheerful news, it’s the ever-fabulous Juliette’s birthday right now! RIGHT NOW! Hope it’s a wonderful birthday! Having a raspberry cosmo (or two) to celebrate it with you, or as with you as one can be on the opposite side of the planet.

I miss you so much.

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  1. Oh, and thank you for the birthday wishes darling (hit enter too early on the previous comment to say that! I miss you too babe. Thank the FSM for the interwebs

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