I’m sick, aka NaBloPoMo cop out

Well, I didn’t post yesterday, so I guess I don’t win the non-existent prize for blogging every day this month.


I just didn’t feel like it, between having some virus or another, getting a headache from the fumes from the bathtub refinishing and being in the grips of what is likely just the monthly hormone imbalance. I spent most of yesterday and today curled up on the couch knitting and watching Doctor Who.

I watched the 50th anniversay special. I’m not sure yet if I liked it or not; I’m going to have to watch it again and weigh in later. First impressions:

  • they gave John Hurt all the good lines
  • the only thing that is stopping Clara from being my least favourite companion of the reboot is the fact that she’s (now) a teacher with a motorcycle
  • I kinda want Rose back. And I really want River back.
  • Is it just me, or did the portrayal of Elizabeth the First seem a tad, well, messy and all over the place?
  • Feeling a bit let down by how the previous doctors where integrated.
Can’t wait for the Christmas special with Peter Capaldi. I’ve seen him in Neverwhere and Torchwood, and while I’m sure the teenage fangirls would disagree with me, I think he’s going to bring something interesting to the role.
In other news, it snowed here today which made me happy, and made me like a little kid jumping and skipping around the living room. I like snow.

2 Replies to “I’m sick, aka NaBloPoMo cop out”

  1. Why do you not like Clara? I quite like her: she’s smart, funny, and not in any way in love with the doctor (unlike rose, martha [my favorite], donna [probably my least favorite], or amy [she’s down there with donna too, but I adore rory]). She also isn’t a damsel in distress and has solved issues on her own without the doctor rescuing her.

    I feel like she’s Martha without the infatuation. But, I’m curious to hear why you don’t like her…

    I don’t want Rose back, though – but I agree, I wished River showed up, and miss her.

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