Sick day

I was sick. The cat was sick. No, yesterday was not a good day. I did manage to only check Twitter and Facebook 4 times, which is less than I thought I would knowing my lack of self discipline as I do.

The high point of my day, other than taking the cat to the vet and then picking her up again, was to read a book. No TV, no Netflix, no music. It was great.

The book was Lucifer’s Hammer , written in 1977 by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, it’s #96 on NPR’s top 100 Sci-Fi/Fantasy list. Another end-of-the-world tale with the earth’s demise coming from a comet rather than a nuclear war as in the ones written in the 50’s, with the POV coming from various survivors. Think Stephen King’s The Stand. I’m glad I read it, but am also glad it’s a library book and I didn’t have to buy it.


I didn’t get much exercise in because I was feeling crappy, only a little bit in taking the cat the vet and dropping yet more revised paperwork to Second Career. Then again, I wasn’t that tempted to each much. I still went over my “limit” though. I think 1200 calories is crazy – even when I’m sick I can’t meet it. It does give me good incentive to get out there and walk around more however, so I’m leaving the settings the way they are.


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  1. I think 1200 is too low for anyone at ~200lbs to be targeting. That doesn’t even cover your basic metabolic rate (what you need to sustain yourself in a coma), and it will likely mess with your metabolism.

    For example, if I were a 201 lb, 5 ft 5 in, 49 year old female, I would need 1599 calories just to keep everything functioning in a coma. (

    A good explanation is here:

    but, of course, ymmv, but thought you might want to look at that.

    1. Oh I completely agree. The 1200 is what both FitBit and MFP assigned based on a person my weight losing 2/lbs a week with a sedentary lifestyle. It’s utter BS, which is why I am not bothered by going over on the days I don’t exercise. Or even on the days that I do.

      Thanks for those links – some good reading there!

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