Fuck x 28

Fuck x 28

Fuck the inner critic.

Fuck cold feet., both literally and figuratively

Fuck always being either too hot or too cold

Fuck chairs that are never quite comfortable enough

Fuck joints that don’t bend that way anymore

Fuck flimsy keyboards

Fuck having to choose between paying off a credit card and paying for the full experience

Fuck finding my ideal career just before my body is tool old to do it anymore.

Fuck vegan cheese. No…just no.

Fuck anxiety.

Fuck the long tedious task of adjusting medications so i neither feel numb nor erratic af

Fuck writing af instead of just typing as fuck

Fuck weight gain, but only because it means i have to go and buy new clothes, not because i hate my body. I am finally at the point where i love every ploppy bit of it

Fuck missing the poppies at the old cottage

Fuck almost continuous farting

Fuck clenching my teeth

Fuck loss of nouns and vocabulary

Fuck not being connected when i realize i need to order a thesaurus


Fuck the drone of seadoos

Fuck that distracting tickling on my legs when the breeze gusts that means I’ve missed the same spot a few times when shaving

Fuck still shaving

Seriously. Fuck seadoos

Fuck the need to capture a view rather than just experiencing it

Fuck being a 32 year old in a 57 year old body.

Fuck the niggling knowledge that any of this happiness can be taken from me at any moment.

Fuck being too chickenshit to reach out and apologize when you know you’ve been putting it off for years and time is running out

Fuck what if.

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