I was 21,665 days old when this picture was taken. We’d spent a really good day on the bikes touring Manitoulin Island, stopping to skip stones and swim. I am struck by just how damn happy I look in this photo. Social media and virtual spaces have never put that look on my face.

I’m out. Twitter makes me angry most of the time, Instagram makes me feel inadequate most of the time, and TikTok just makes me feel old. According to the Death Clock, I’ve got about 7400+ days left. When I look at it that way, the thought of spending any more of my one precious life scrolling through meaningless shit because I’m bored fills me with horror.

Real > Virtual. Always.

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  1. Duck social media. I quit when I realized it was no longer *my* place. Where the geeks, the weird, the awkward, and all the others who weren’t a part of… whatever…

    I quit it when I realized that all the assholes I was trying to avoid by being there in the first place had completely infiltrated it, then completely taken it over. Then they took *my* thing and completely turned it into the thing I was avoiding.

    I’m glad that you’ve been updating this though. It’s nice to know how you’ve been doing. 🙂

    Also, we just got a place in Thornbury last month. Not sure of your current contact info, but I’m there most weekends these days if you’d like *more* real life!

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