+10c/50f outside. While lovely, it’s really wrong. It’s not supposed to be like this in January. I miss winter.

That’s not to say I won’t take advantage of a spring-like day, and go for a walk instead of hit the underground gym in my building. Part of the 6km walk to Bloor Street then over to Broadview had me crossing the Bloor Viaduct, one of longest/highest bridges in the city. Didn’t feel even a flutter of fear.

A few years ago, they installed these cables and wires called the Luminous Veil to reduce the number of suicides. It apparently stopped people jumping off the Viaduct but didn’t reduce the numbers of suicide by falling; there are other bridges in the city after all.



I’ve gone to the gym every day since January 6th (well, except for the 3 days I was sick with the latest form of plague spread by the germ factories). I’ve been watching what I’m eating, and the scales tell me I’ve lost 10 pounds as of this morning.

So yeah, was feeling pretty kick-ass when we went out for a walk today. Until I hit the icy part of the path by the Don River, and slipped.

It’s hard to feel kick-ass with an ice pack on my knee. Sigh.





The school’s Science & Technology Fair was last night; what you’re looking at is the tech part of the evening, the grade 8 robotics demonstration.

today’s writing

I woke up this morning wanting to write. I left for work with ideas for lyrics, a way through a tricky situation between my heroine, her beloved and his car, and a 50 before 50 story I’d almost forgotten about.

However, I find myself writing professional paragraphs like this:

Whenever appropriate, students are encouraged to to use information communication technologies (ICT) to support and communicate their learning. Freely-available,  multi-platform software applications (cloud -based or installed) are used wherever possible to ensure students have access to the tools necessary for technological success. Students are also encouraged to use their own devices in class so that learning opportunities can extend into other technologies. Safety, privacy, responsible use and awareness of ICT issues are on-going themes.
Have I mentioned how much I dislike paperwork?


Twitter-a-shots & dial-a-shots & conversations with old friends make for a good evening.



Stayed home since I had a version of the plague today. Snot monsters > my immune system, alas.

There are things that stopped today from totally sucking:

  1. A hot water bottle at the end of the bed to keep my toes warm.
  2. The cat snuggled up against me, keeping me company while I napped and read
  3. Being wrapped up in my dad’s old hoodie, the clothing equivalent of comfort food. It’s been around forever; I don’t know what I’m going to do when it finally falls apart.