The parking lot pigeons kind of freak me out when they all head toward me like this.


tools – 9/366

I am a geek. I freely and joyfully admit it much to some students’ chagrin; they still look at it as a negative. They’ll learn.

And as a geek, digital is preferred over analog. Google calendar & RTM works for me where DayTimers and paper lists fail.

Knowing this, I’ve invested in some tools to assist in the lifestyle revamp. A FitBit to track activity (think of it as a pedometer on steroids) and an iPhone app, LoseIt,¬†that tracks calories and syncs with it. ¬†(what? A scone is how many calories?!)

Unnecessary? Maybe for most people. Geeky? Absolutely. Working? It’s only been a week so far, but I’m using it everyday.

Which is more than I can say for any other method I’ve tried.

taken after my workout which added 5000+ Ramones-fueled steps to my day.


They came back, the six pounds I had shed before he holidays. It’s all right; they won’t be staying long and about 15-20 more will be following them.


Yes, is time to change the lifestyle. Not because I want to, but I’ve realized that a half hour of exercise a day and watching my diet is the price to be paid for being able to walk up stairs, go hiking and eventually rollerblade again.

Yippee skippee.


Wandered around the AGO today, taking in the Chagall exhibit. Still entranced by the Gehry staircase, especially as viewed through an original architectural feature.